Sourced BOM, secured stock, and manufactured at Mectronx 


Safety Stocking   (for use at any ecm)

STEP 1:  Select critical components for design      

STEP 2:  Contact Mectronx to source your critical component inventory

STEP 3:  Proceed to design with confidence knowing when you’re ready for production, your critical components will be available 

Make sure the inventory is available when your product goes to production.  Post 2020, design cycles have become shorter than component lead times.  Contact Mectronx to secure your long lead items during the kick-off of the project.  When your components arrive, we’ll store your inventory properly.  Are you only using Mectronx for prototyping, no worries.  We’re here to help get your product launched; so, when you’re ready, we’ll properly package and ship the components to your production ECM of choice. 

The RFQ process is simple:

    • Manufacturing part number
    • Estimated quantity for 1st prototypes and build date
    • Estimated quantity for production launch and build date

Included in the service:

    • Components are sourced by requested date for both prototype & production quantities
    • We manage multi-source purchase orders to better your odds of hitting target deadlines
    • Secured component storage on-sight at Mectronx
    • Components are properly handled for moisture sensitivity and electro-static discharge
    • Components are always your property and do not require production at Mectronx

Additional cost outside of scope:

    • Tariff are passed on at 1:1 rate
    • Shipping cost
    • Price increases by OEM during the wait time

Don’t skip this step, at minimum it’s affordable insurance for a successful timeline management.  At best, it expedites your timeline by the longest lead component.    



rapid prototyping

For the fastest response, click the “Upload Design” link in the header.  Answer all the questions to ensure we can quickly and accurately respond.  Once you submit your RFQ, a team member will gather information on availability, lead time, and costing.  Manufacturing will audit “design for manufacturability” and component crosses, if necessary.  Average quote time is 1 business day depending on, complexity, component availability, and/or missing information. 

Missing, incomplete, and inaccurate data is the #1 reason for delayed quotes.  

Please be responsive to our team’s questions through-out the process.  If you have a preferred method of communication to alert you of potential questions, please state the method in the notes section of the RFQ.


  • Manufactured at Mectronx
  • No minimum order quantity
  • SMT package down to 0201
  • Mectronx DFM review included
  • Manufactured to IPC class 2 & 3 rated production
  • Wave solder available for challenging thermals
  • Conformal coating optional
  • PCB label / serial number


Mectronx Internal

  • Complete product assembly to print
  • Robotic dispensing 3 & 6 axis
  • Plasma treatment
  • Encapsulation
  • Product label / serial number

Mectronx External

  • Rapid 3D printing 
  • Rapid advanced machining
  • Customer supplied parts for assembly

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turn-key manufacturing

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